80 Grizzly Hills Gold Farming (Frostweave + Vendor Farm) HORDE

This profile runs around the ruins in the eastern part of Grizzly Hills. It kills trolls to collect their mojo, which vendors for 50 silver each.

    <Name>Grizzly Hills Gold Farming Profile HORDE</Name>
        <Item>22470</Item>     <!--Frostweave Cloth-->
        <Item>22470</Item>     <!--Frostweave Cloth-->
        <Vendor Name="Litoko Icetotem" Entry="26707" Type="Repair" X="3836.001" Y="-4542.076" Z="209.2769" />
        <Mailbox X="3859.011" Y="-4548.193" Z="209.6381" />
        <Mob Name="Runed Giant" Entry="26417" />
        <Hotspot X="4700" Y="-4799.269" Z="47.99084" />
        <Hotspot X="4700" Y="-4918.63" Z="47.99173" />
        <Hotspot X="4570" Y="-4920" Z="48.77319" />
        <Hotspot X="4471.944" Y="-4867.922" Z="25.31013" />
        <Hotspot X="4475.089" Y="-4941.586" Z="14.22915" />
        <Hotspot X="4570" Y="-4797" Z="47.9925" />
        <Blackspot X="4552.854" Y="-4799.573" Z="51.05774" Radius="2" />
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