Getting Started with HonorBuddy2...

…as a New User

  • Installing HB2 (tbd)
  • Useful WoW addons to supplement HB2 (tbd))
  • How do I keep from getting banned? (tbd)
  • Solving common problems (tbd)

…as a Profile Writer

  • About HB2 Profiles
  • What is the difference between…? (tbd)
  • How does a Profile Writer do…? (tbd)
  • Best Practices for Profile Writing (tbd)
  • Template to start Profile Writing (tbd)

…as a Plugin Developer

  • About the HB2 Plugin framework (tbd)
  • The necessary tools (tbd)
  • Best Practices for Plugin Development (tbd)
  • Template for building a Plugin (tbd)


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