Getting Started writing HB2 Profiles

What is the Difference…

The difference between a WoW Object and a WoW Item

The difference between a "Grinding" profile and a "Questing" profile


The difference between a "QuestOrder" questing profile and a "ForcedQuest" questing profile

This article will be focuses on building "QuestOrder" questing profiles. The ForcedQuest questing profiles are still supported by HB2; however, they are considered outdated.

How does a Profile Writer…

How do I know which Profile tags to use within other tags?

How to Pick Up from an NPC, and Turn a quest into an NPC

This is the most frequent action that occurs in constructing a…

Things to know

  • You do not need to specify an X-Y-Z coordinate for the NPC. HB2 knows where the NPC is in the game world from the <tt>GiverId</tt> or <tt>TurninId</tt> attribute you specify. Not specifying the X-Y-Z is incredibly convenient for profile writes, but more importantly, if the NPC moves, the profile should continue to work.


How to Pick up a quest from an Object


The last item in the list, the "Wanted" posters, is of interest to us. A number of quests (or more importantly, quest chains) start at these Objects. The HB2 profile lines for picking up a quest for an object are slightly different than picking up a quest from an NPC. Here is the template:

<PickUp QuestName="STOLEN: Smithing Tuyere and Lookout's Spyglass" QuestId="7728" GiverName="Wanted Poster" GiverId="179827" GiverType="Object" X="-6492.571" Y="-1160.759" Z="309.2335" />

How to ensure that a toon doesn't pick up a Quest that is too high for it

talked about ForcedQuest technique & QuestOrder techinque

I've run out of quests to do, how do I help the toon get to the next level?


How to "Listen to an NPC's story"

How to Move to a particular location


How do I open a Gate/Door?



How do I take a Flightpoint


How do I use an Elevator



  • BugTracker #137 tracks this issue.
    Update: on 29-Aug-2010, Apoc closed the issue with the following comments "We're well aware of this. We've had quite a few discussions about transports in general, and once we iron out more important things, transport support will be coming."

Best Practices in Writing HB2 Profiles

Profile naming convention


A Skeleton Template for profile writing


Commenting your Hotspots


'''Do I need to include a <tt>&lt;ProtectedItems&gt;</tt> section in my profile?'''

rework this

Technically, no. HB2 will look for a "ProtectedItems.xml" file in its installation directory. However, it is up to each user to create and populate that file. However, a profile writer should not ''depend'' on the existence of that file for proper operation.

Current best practices include a competent ProtectedItems section in your profile. Below, you should find such for your cut-n-paste convenience:


Tools available for Profile writing<br />
(If we've missed any, just PM us with the info, please)

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