Getting Started: HB ProtectedItems.xml
<!-- A somewhat complete list of items with which to populate your ProtectedItems.xml file.
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    <!-- ========== Basic Items (alphabetically) ========== -->
    <Item name="Hearthstone" entry="6948" />
    <!-- Basic Items: Ammo, Arrows (sorted by level to use)  -->
        <Item name="Rough Arrow" entry="2512" />
        <Item name="Monster - Special Arrow (Thori'dal)" entry="37309" />
        <Item name="Sharp Arrow" entry="2515" />
        <Item name="Razor Arrow" entry="3030" />
        <Item name="Feathered Arrow" entry="3464" />
        <Item name="Precision Arrow" entry="9399" />
        <Item name="Explosive Arrow" entry="10579" />
        <Item name="Jagged Arrow" entry="11285" />
        <Item name="Ice Threaded Arrow" entry="19316" />
        <Item name="Thorium Headed Arrow" entry="18042" />
        <Item name="Doomshot" entry="12654" />
        <Item name="Wicked Arrow" entry="28053" />
        <Item name="Scout's Arrow" entry="24417" />
        <Item name="Adamantite Stinger" entry="33803" />
        <Item name="Blackflight Arrow" entry="28056" />
        <Item name="Halaani Razorshaft" entry="30611" />
        <Item name="Warden's Arrow" entry="31949" />
        <Item name="Mysterious Arrow" entry="34581" />
        <Item name="Nether Spike" entry="30319" />
        <Item name="The Macho Gnome's Arrow" entry="32760" />
        <Item name="Timeless Arrow" entry="31737" />
        <Item name="Saronite Razorheads" entry="41165" />
        <Item name="Terrorshaft Arrow" entry="41586" />
        <Item name="Iceblade Arrow" entry="52021" />
    <!-- Basic Items: Ammo, Bullets (sorted by level to use)  -->
        <Item name="Flash Pellet" entry="4960" /> 
        <Item name="Light Shot" entry="2516" />
        <Item name="Crafted Light Shot" entry="8067" />
        <Item name="Heavy Shot" entry="2519" />
        <Item name="Smooth Pebble" entry="5568" />
        <Item name="Crafted Heavy Shot" entry="8068" />
        <Item name="Solid Shot" entry="3033" />
        <Item name="Crafted Solid Shot" entry="8069" />
        <Item name="Exploding Shot" entry="3465" />
        <Item name="Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs" entry="10512" />
        <Item name="Accurate Slugs" entry="11284" />
        <Item name="Mithril Gyro-Shot" entry="10513" />
        <Item name="Rockshard Pellets" entry="11630" />
        <Item name="Ice Threaded Bullet" entry="19317" />
        <Item name="Thorium Shells" entry="15997" />
        <Item name="Impact Shot" entry="28060" />
        <Item name="Miniature Cannon Balls" entry="13377" />
        <Item name="Fel Iron Shells" entry="23772" />
        <Item name="Adamantite Shells" entry="23773" />
        <Item name="Ironbite Shell" entry="28061" />
        <Item name="Halaani Grimshot" entry="30612" />
        <Item name="Felbane Slugs" entry="32883" />
        <Item name="Hellfire Shot" entry="32882" />
        <Item name="Mysterious Shell" entry="34582" />
        <Item name="The Sarge's Bullet" entry="32761" />
        <Item name="Timeless Shell" entry="31735" />
        <Item name="Mammoth Cutters" entry="41164" />
        <Item name="Frostbite Bullets" entry="41584" />
        <Item name="Shatter Rounds" entry="52020" />
    <!-- Basic Items: Bandages (ordered by skill to make) -->
        <Item name="Linen Bandage" entry="1251" />
        <Item name="Heavy Linen Bandage" entry="2581" />
        <Item name="Wool Bandage" entry="3530" />
        <Item name="Heavy Wool Bandage" entry="3531" />
        <Item name="Silk Bandage" entry="6450" />
        <Item name="Arathi Basin Silk Bandage" entry="20067" />
        <Item name="Defiler's Silk Bandage" entry="20235" />
        <Item name="Highlander's Silk Bandage" entry="20244" />
        <Item name="Warsong Gulch Silk Bandage" entry="19068" />
        <Item name="Manual: Heavy Silk Bandage" entry="16112" />
        <Item name="Heavy Silk Bandage" entry="6451" />
        <Item name="Manual: Mageweave Bandage" entry="16113" />
        <Item name="Mageweave Bandage" entry="8544" />
        <Item name="Arathi Basin Mageweave Bandage" entry="20065" />
        <Item name="Defiler's Mageweave Bandage" entry="20232" />
        <Item name="Highlander's Mageweave Bandage" entry="20237" />
        <Item name="Warsong Gulch Mageweave Bandage" entry="19067" />
        <Item name="Heavy Mageweave Bandage" entry="8545" />
        <Item name="Runecloth Bandage" entry="14529" />
        <Item name="Arathi Basin Runecloth Bandage" entry="20066" />
        <Item name="Defiler's Runecloth Bandage" entry="20234" />
        <Item name="Highlander's Runecloth Bandage" entry="20243" />
        <Item name="Warsong Gulch Runecloth Bandage" entry="19066" />
        <Item name="Heavy Runecloth Bandage" entry="14530" />
        <Item name="Alterac Heavy Runecloth Bandage" entry="19307" />
        <Item name="Manual: Netherweave Bandage" entry="21992" />
        <Item name="Netherweave Bandage" entry="21990" />
        <Item name="Manual: Heavy Netherweave Bandage" entry="21993" />
        <Item name="Heavy Netherweave Bandage" entry="21991" />
        <Item name="Frostweave Bandage" entry="34721" />
        <Item name="Manual: Heavy Frostweave Bandage" entry="39152" />
        <Item name="Heavy Frostweave Bandage" entry="34722" />
        <Item name="Dense Frostweave Bandage" entry="38640" />
        <Item name="Thick Frostweave Bandage" entry="38643" />
    <!-- Basic Items: Drink (ordered by level to use) -->
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
    <!-- Basic Items: Food  (ordered by level to use) -->
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
        <Item name="" entry="" />
    <!-- Basic Items: Potions, Flasks  (alphabetical) -->
        <Item name="Flask of Blinding Light" entry="22861" />
        <Item name="Flask of Chromatic Resistance" entry="13513" />
        <Item name="Flask of Chromatic Wonder" entry="33208" />
        <Item name="Flask of Distilled Wisdom" entry="13511" />
        <Item name="Flask of Endless Rage" entry="46377" />
        <Item name="Flask of Fortification" entry="22851" />
        <Item name="Flask of the Frost Wyrm" entry="46376" />
        <Item name="Flask of Mighty Restoration" entry="22853" />
        <Item name="Flask of Petrification" entry="13506" />
        <Item name="Flask of Pure Death" entry="22866" />
        <Item name="Flask of Pure Mojo" entry="46378" />
        <Item name="Flask of Relentless Assault" entry="22854" />
        <Item name="Flask of Stoneblood" entry="46379" />
        <Item name="Flask of Supreme Power" entry="13512" />
        <Item name="Flask of the North" entry="47499" />
        <Item name="Flask of the Titans" entry="13510" />
        <Item name="Shattrath Flask of Blinding Light" entry="35717" />
        <Item name="Shattrath Flask of Fortification" entry="32898" />
        <Item name="Shattrath Flask of Mighty Restoration" entry="32899" />
        <Item name="Shattrath Flask of Pure Death" entry="35716" />
        <Item name="Shattrath Flask of Relentless Assault" entry="32901" />
        <Item name="Shattrath Flask of Supreme Power" entry="32900" />
        <Item name="Unstable Flask of the Bandit" entry="32599" />
        <Item name="Unstable Flask of the Beast" entry="32598" />
        <Item name="Unstable Flask of the Elder" entry="32596" />
        <Item name="Unstable Flask of the Physician" entry="32600" />
        <Item name="Unstable Flask of the Soldier" entry="32597" />
        <Item name="Unstable Flask of the Sorcerer" entry="32601" />
    <!-- Basic Items: Potions, Health  (ordered by level to use) -->
        <Item name="Minor Healing Potion" entry="118" />
        <Item name="Lesser Healing Potion" entry="858" />
        <Item name="Discolored Healing Potion" entry="4596" />
        <Item name="Healing Potion" entry="929" />
        <Item name="Greater Healing Potion" entry="1710" />
        <Item name="Superior Healing Potion" entry="3928" />
        <Item name="Combat Healing Potion" entry="18839" />
        <Item name="Superior Healing Draught" entry="17349" />
        <Item name="Major Healing Potion" entry="13446" />
        <Item name="Major Healing Draught" entry="17348" />
        <Item name="Super Healing Potion" entry="22829" />
        <Item name="Argent Healing Potion" entry="43531" />
        <Item name="Auchenai Healing Potion" entry="32947" />
        <Item name="Bottled Nethergon Vapor" entry="32905" />
        <Item name="Crystal Healing Potion" entry="33934" />
        <Item name="Healing Potion Injector" entry="33092" />
        <Item name="Rulkster's Secret Sauce" entry="32763" />
        <Item name="Volatile Healing Potion" entry="28100" />
        <Item name="Fel Regeneration Potion" entry="31676" />
        <Item name="Major Combat Healing Potion" entry="31839" />
        <Item name="Endless Healing Potion" entry="43569" />
        <Item name="Resurgent Healing Potion" entry="39671" />
        <Item name="Runic Healing Potion" entry="33447" />
        <Item name="Runic Healing Injector" entry="41166" />
    <!-- Basic Items: Potions, Mana (ordered by level to use) -->
        <Item name="Minor Mana Potion" entry="2455" />
        <Item name="Lesser Mana Potion" entry="3385" />
        <Item name="Mana Potion" entry="3827" />
        <Item name="Greater Mana Potion" entry="6149" />
        <Item name="Superior Mana Draught" entry="17352" />
        <Item name="Superior Mana Potion" entry="13443" />
        <Item name="Combat Mana Potion" entry="18841" />
        <Item name="Major Mana Draught" entry="17351" />
        <Item name="Major Mana Potion" entry="13444" />
        <Item name="Super Mana Potion" entry="22832" />
        <Item name="Argent Mana Potion" entry="43530" />
        <Item name="Auchenai Mana Potion" entry="32948" />
        <Item name="Bottled Nethergon Energy" entry="32902" />
        <Item name="Crystal Mana Potion" entry="33935" />
        <Item name="Mana Potion Injector" entry="33093" />
        <Item name="Rulkster's Brain Juice" entry="32762" />
        <Item name="Unstable Mana Potion" entry="28101" />
        <Item name="Fel Mana Potion" entry="31677" />
        <Item name="Major Combat Mana Potion" entry="31855" />
        <Item name="Endless Mana Potion" entry="43570" />
        <Item name="Icy Mana Potion" entry="40067" />
        <Item name="Runic Mana Potion" entry="33448" />
        <Item name="Runic Mana Injector" entry="42545" />
    <!-- Basic Items: Potions, Mana Oil (ordered by level to use) -->
        <Item name="Minor Mana Oil" entry="20745" />
        <Item name="Lesser Mana Oil" entry="20747" />
        <Item name="Brilliant Mana Oil" entry="20748" />
        <Item name="Superior Mana Oil" entry="22521" />
        <Item name="Exceptional Mana Oil" entry="36899" />
    <!-- Basic Items: Potions, Rejuvenation [Health & Mana] (ordered by level to use) -->
        <Item name="Minor Rejuvenation Potion" entry="2456" />
        <Item name="Dreamless Sleep Potion" entry="12190" />
        <Item name="Wildvine Potion" entry="9144" />
        <Item name="Major Rejuvenation Potion" entry="18253" />
        <Item name="Greater Dreamless Sleep Potion" entry="20002" />
        <Item name="Noth's Special Brew" entry="39327" />
        <Item name="Mad Alchemist's Potion" entry="34440" />
        <Item name="Major Dreamless Sleep Potion" entry="22836" />
        <Item name="Potion of Nightmares" entry="40081" />
        <Item name="Super Rejuvenation Potion" entry="22850" />
        <Item name="Powerful Rejuvenation Potion" entry="40087" />
    <!-- ========== Classes (alphabetically) ========== -->
    <!-- Class: Death Knight -->
        <!-- Class: Death Knight, consumables -->
        <Item name="Corpse Dust" entry="37201" />
    <!-- Class: Druid -->
        <!-- Class: Druid, reagents (alphabetical) -->
        <Item name="Ashwood Seed" entry="17036" />
        <Item name="Flintweed Seed" entry="22147" />
        <Item name="Hornbeam Seed" entry="17037" />
        <Item name="Ironwood Seed" entry="17038" />
        <Item name="Maple Seed" entry="17034" />
        <Item name="Starleaf Seed" entry="44614" />
        <Item name="Stranglethorn Seed" entry="17035" />
        <Item name="Wild Berries" entry="17021" />
        <Item name="Wild Quillvine" entry="22148" />
        <Item name="Wild Spineleaf" entry="44605" />
        <Item name="Wild Thornroot" entry="17026" />
    <!-- Class: Mage -->
        <!-- Class: Mage, reagents (alphabetical) -->
        <Item name="Arcane Powder" entry="17020" />
        <Item name="Light Feather" entry="17056" />
        <Item name="Rune of Portals" entry="17032" />
        <Item name="Rune of Teleportation" entry="17031" />
        <!-- Class: Mage, Conjured Drink & Food (sorted by level to use) -->
        <Item name="Conjured Water    " entry="5350" />
        <Item name="Conjured Muffin" entry="5349" />
        <Item name="Conjured Fresh Water" entry="2288" />
        <Item name="Conjured Bread" entry="1113" />
        <Item name="Conjured Purified Water" entry="2136" />
        <Item name="Conjured Rye" entry="1114" />
        <Item name="Conjured Spring Water" entry="3772" />
        <Item name="Conjured Pumpernickel" entry="1487" />
        <Item name="Conjured Mineral Water" entry="8077" />
        <Item name="Conjured Sourdough" entry="8075" />
        <Item name="Conjured Sparkling Water" entry="8078" />
        <Item name="Conjured Sweet Roll" entry="8076" />
        <Item name="Conjured Crystal Water" entry="8079" />
        <Item name="Conjured Cinnamon Roll" entry="22895" />
        <Item name="Conjured Mountain Spring Water" entry="30703" />
        <Item name="Conjured Glacier Water" entry="22018" />
        <Item name="Conjured Croissant" entry="22019" />
        <Item name="Conjured Mana Biscuit" entry="34062" />
        <Item name="Conjured Mana Pie" entry="43518" />
        <Item name="Conjured Mana Strudel" entry="43523" />
        <!-- Class: Mage, Conjured Gems (sorted by level to use) -->
        <Item name="Mana Agate" entry="5514" />
        <Item name="Mana Jade" entry="5513" />
        <Item name="Mana Citrine" entry="8007" />
        <Item name="Mana Ruby" entry="8008" />
        <Item name="Mana Emerald" entry="22044" />
        <Item name="Mana Sapphire" entry="33312" />
    <!-- Class: Paladin -->
        <!-- Class: Paladin, reagents (alphabetical) -->
        <Item name="Symbol of Divinity" entry="17033" />
        <Item name="Symbol of Kings" entry="21177" />
    <!-- Class: Priest -->
        <!-- Class: Priest, reagents (alphabetical) -->
        <Item name="Devout Candle" entry="44615" />
        <Item name="Holy Candle" entry="17028" />
        <Item name="Sacred Candle" entry="17029" />
    <!-- Class Rogue -->
        <Item name="Thieves' Tools" entry="5060" />
        <!-- Class: Rogue, poisons (alphabetical) -->
        <Item name="Anesthetic Poison" entry="21835" />
        <Item name="Anesthetic Poison II" entry="43237" />
        <Item name="Crippling Poison" entry="3775" />
        <Item name="Crippling Poison II" entry="3776" />
        <Item name="Deadly Poison" entry="2892" />
        <Item name="Deadly Poison II" entry="2893" />
        <Item name="Deadly Poison III" entry="8984" />
        <Item name="Deadly Poison IV" entry="8985" />
        <Item name="Deadly Poison V" entry="20844" />
        <Item name="Deadly Poison VI" entry="22053" />
        <Item name="Deadly Poison VII" entry="22054" />
        <Item name="Deadly Poison VIII" entry="43232" />
        <Item name="Deadly Poison IX" entry="43233" />
        <Item name="Instant Poison" entry="6947" />
        <Item name="Instant Poison II" entry="6949" />
        <Item name="Instant Poison III" entry="6950" />
        <Item name="Instant Poison IV" entry="8926" />
        <Item name="Instant Poison V" entry="8927" />
        <Item name="Instant Poison VI" entry="8928" />
        <Item name="Instant Poison VII" entry="21927" />
        <Item name="Instant Poison VIII" entry="43230" />
        <Item name="Instant Poison IX" entry="43231" />
        <Item name="Mind-numbing Poison" entry="5237" />
        <Item name="Mind-numbing Poison II" entry="6951" />
        <Item name="Mind-numbing Poison III" entry="9186" />
        <Item name="Wound Poison" entry="10918" />
        <Item name="Wound Poison II" entry="10920" />
        <Item name="Wound Poison III" entry="10921" />
        <Item name="Wound Poison IV" entry="10922" />
        <Item name="Wound Poison V" entry="22055" />
        <Item name="Wound Poison VI" entry="43234" />
        <Item name="Wound Poison VII" entry="43235" />
    <!-- Class: Shaman -->
        <!-- Class: Shaman reagents (alphabetical) -->
        <Item name="Ankh" entry="17030" />
        <Item name="Fish Oil" entry="17058" />
        <Item name="Shiny Fish Scales" entry="17057" />
        <!-- Class: Shaman, Totems (alphabetical) -->
        <Item name="Air Totem" entry="5178" />
        <Item name="Earth Totem" entry="5175" />
        <Item name="Fire Totem" entry="5176" />
        <Item name="Water Totem" entry="5177" />
    <!-- Class: Warlock -->
        <!-- Class: Warlock, consumables (alphabetical) -->
        <Item name="Demonic Figurine" entry="16583" />
        <Item name="Infernal Stone" entry="5565" />
        <Item name="Soulshard" entry="43836" />
    <!-- ========== Harvests (alphabetically) ========== -->
    <!-- Harvests: Elementals (ordered by level, then alphabetically) -->
        <Item name="Elemental Air" entry="7069" />
        <Item name="Elemental Fire" entry="7068" />
        <Item name="Elemental Water" entry="7070" />
        <Item name="Breath of Wind" entry="7081" />
        <Item name="Core of Earth" entry="7075" />
        <Item name="Globe of Water" entry="7079" />
        <Item name="Heart of Fire" entry="7077" />
        <Item name="Heart of the Wild" entry="10286" />
        <Item name="Ichor of Undeath" entry="7972" />
        <Item name="Essence of Air" entry="7082" />
        <Item name="Essence of Earth" entry="7076" />
        <Item name="Essence of Fire" entry="7078" />
        <Item name="Essence of Undeath" entry="12808" />
        <Item name="Essence of Water" entry="7080" />
        <Item name="Living Essence" entry="12803" />
        <Item name="Mote of Air" entry="22572" />
        <Item name="Mote of Earth" entry="22573" />
        <Item name="Mote of Fire" entry="22574" />
        <Item name="Mote of Life" entry="22575" />
        <Item name="Mote of Mana" entry="22576" />
        <Item name="Mote of Shadow" entry="22577" />
        <Item name="Mote of Water" entry="22578" />
        <Item name="Primal Air" entry="22451" />
        <Item name="Primal Earth" entry="22452" />
        <Item name="Primal Fire" entry="21884" />
        <Item name="Primal Life" entry="21886" />
        <Item name="Primal Mana" entry="22457" />
        <Item name="Primal Shadow" entry="22456" />
        <Item name="Primal Water" entry="21885" />
        <Item name="Crystallized Air" entry="37700" />
        <Item name="Crystallized Earth" entry="37701" />
        <Item name="Crystallized Fire" entry="37702" />
        <Item name="Crystallized Life" entry="37704" />
        <Item name="Crystallized Shadow" entry="37703" />
        <Item name="Crystallized Water" entry="37705" />
        <Item name="Eternal Air" entry="35623" />
        <Item name="Eternal Earth" entry="35624" />
        <Item name="Eternal Fire" entry="36860" />
        <Item name="Eternal Life" entry="35625" />
        <Item name="Eternal Might" entry="40248" />
        <Item name="Eternal Shadow" entry="35627" />
        <Item name="Eternal Water" entry="35622" />
        <Item name="Primal Might" entry="23571" />
    <!-- Harvests: Gems (ordered by level, then alphabetically) -->
        <Item name="Blood Shard" entry="5075" />
        <Item name="Malachite" entry="774" />
        <Item name="Tigerseye" entry="818" />
        <Item name="Shadowgem" entry="1210" />
        <Item name="Moss Agate" entry="1206" />
        <Item name="Lesser Moonstone" entry="1705" />
        <Item name="Jade" entry="1529" />
        <Item name="Citrine" entry="3864" />
        <Item name="Aquamarine" entry="7909" />
        <Item name="Black Diamond" entry="11754" />
        <Item name="Blood of the Mountain" entry="11382" />
        <Item name="Souldarite" entry="19774" />
        <Item name="Star Ruby" entry="7910" />
        <Item name="Blue Sapphire" entry="12361" />
        <Item name="Large Opal" entry="12799" />
        <Item name="Arcane Crystal" entry="12363" />
        <Item name="Azerothian Diamond" entry="12800" />
        <Item name="Huge Emerald" entry="12364" />
        <Item name="Azure Moonstone" entry="23117" />
        <Item name="Blood Garnet" entry="23077" />
        <Item name="Deep Peridot" entry="23079" />
        <Item name="Flame Spessarite" entry="21929" />
        <Item name="Golden Draenite" entry="23112" />
        <Item name="Shadow Draenite" entry="23107" />
        <Item name="Dawnstone" entry="23440" />
        <Item name="Living Ruby" entry="23436" />
        <Item name="Netherwing Egg" entry="32506" />
        <Item name="Nightseye" entry="23441" />
        <Item name="Noble Topaz" entry="23439" />
        <Item name="Star of Elune" entry="23438" />
        <Item name="Talasite" entry="23437" />
        <Item name="Bloodstone" entry="36917" />
        <Item name="Chalcedony" entry="36923" />
        <Item name="Dark Jade" entry="36932" />
        <Item name="Huge Citrine" entry="36929" />
        <Item name="Shadow Crystal" entry="36926" />
        <Item name="Sun Crystal" entry="36920" />
        <Item name="Autumn's Glow" entry="36921" />
        <Item name="Forest Emerald" entry="36933" />
        <Item name="Monarch Topaz" entry="36930" />
        <Item name="Scarlet Ruby" entry="36918" />
        <Item name="Sky Sapphire" entry="36924" />
        <Item name="Twilight Opal" entry="36927" />
    <!-- Harvests: Ore (ordered by level) -->
        <Item name="Copper Ore" entry="2770" />
        <Item name="Tin Ore" entry="2771" />
        <Item name="Silver Ore" entry="2775" />
        <Item name="Iron Ore" entry="3340" />
        <Item name="Gold Ore" entry="2776" />
        <Item name="Mithril Ore" entry="3858" />
        <Item name="Truesilver Ore" entry="7911" />
        <Item name="Thorium Ore" entry="10620" />
        <Item name="Dark Iron Ore" entry="11370" />
        <Item name="Fel Iron Ore" entry="23424" />
        <Item name="Elementium Ore" entry="18562" />
        <Item name="Adamantite Ore" entry="23425" />
        <Item name="Eternium Ore" entry="23427" />
        <Item name="Cobalt Ore" entry="36909" />
        <Item name="Khorium Ore" entry="23426" />
        <Item name="Saronite Ore" entry="36912" />
        <Item name="Titanium Ore" entry="36910" />
    <!-- Harvests: Ore-specials (alphabetical) -->
        <Item name="Incendite Ore" entry="3340" />
        <Item name="Lesser Bloodstone Ore" entry="4278" />
        <Item name="Nethercite Ore" entry="32464" />
        <Item name="Rathban Ore" entry="2798" />
    <!-- Harvests: Stone (ordered by level) -->
        <Item name="Rough Stone" entry="2835" />
        <Item name="Heavy Stone" entry="2838" />
        <Item name="Solid Stone" entry="7912" />
        <Item name="Dense Stone" entry="12365" />
    <!-- Still working on this one -->
    <!-- ========== Trade Tools (alphabetically) ========== -->
    <!-- Trade Tools: Blacksmithing (also see Trade Tools: Multi-purpose) -->
        <Item name="Blacksmith Hammer" entry="5956" />
    <!-- Trade Tools: Enchanting (ordered by skill to use) -->
        <Item name="Runed Copper Rod" entry="6218" />
        <Item name="Runed Silver Rod" entry="6339" />
        <Item name="Runed Truesilver Rod" entry="11145" />
        <Item name="Runed Golden Rod" entry="11130" />
        <Item name="Runed Arcanite Rod" entry="16207" />
        <Item name="Runed Fel Iron Rod" entry="22461" />
        <Item name="Runed Adamantite Rod" entry="22462" />
        <Item name="Runed Eternium Rod" entry="22463" />
        <Item name="Runed Titanium Rod" entry="44452" />
    <!-- Trade Tools: Engineering -->
        <Item name="Gnomish Army Knife" entry="40772" />
        <Item name="Zapthrottle Mote Extractor" entry="23821" />
    <!-- Trade Tools: Fishing (alphabetical) -->
        <Item name="Arcanite Fishing Pole" entry="19970" />
        <Item name="Big Iron Fishing Pole" entry="6367" />
        <Item name="Blump Family Fishing Pole" entry="12225" />
        <Item name="Bone Fishing Pole" entry="45991" />
        <Item name="Darkwood Fishing Pole" entry="6366" />
        <Item name="Fishing Pole" entry="6256" />
        <Item name="Jeweled Fishing Pole" entry="45992" />
        <Item name="Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole" entry="44050" />
        <Item name="Nat's Lucky Fishing Pole" entry="45858" />
        <Item name="Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole" entry="25978" />
        <Item name="Strong Fishing Pole" entry="6365" />
    <!-- Trade Tools: Inscription -->
        <Item name="" entry="" />
    <!-- Trade Tools: Jewelcrafting -->
        <Item name="" entry="" />
    <!-- Trade Tools: Leatherworking -->
        <Item name="" entry="" />
    <!-- Trade Tools: Mining Tools  (also see Trade Tools: Multi-purpose) -->
        <Item name="Brann's Trusty Pick" entry="20723" />
        <Item name="Cold Iron Pick" entry="1959" />
        <Item name="Gouging Pick" entry="1819" />
        <Item name="Kobold Excavation Pick" entry="778" />
        <Item name="Mining Pick" entry="2901" />
        <Item name="Tunnel Pick" entry="756" />
    <!-- Trade Tools: Multi-purpose [Blacksmith/Mining/Skinning] Tools -->
        <Item name="Bladed Pickaxe" entry="40893" />
        <Item name="Hammer Pick" entry="40892" />
    <!-- Trade Tools: Skinning Tools  (also see Trade Tools: Multi-purpose) -->
        <Item name="Skinning Knife" entry="7005" />
    <!-- Trade Tools: Tailoring -->
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