Protected Items - Code Snippets


This is a general purpose Protected Items list for use inside of profiles

Here is a link to a tool created by an HB member to look up multiple itemIDs at once. Easy to use, and a lifesaver. The output for protecteditems list looks different, but it will work correctly.


    <!-- Bandages -->
     <Item>3531</Item><!--Linen Bandage-->
     <Item>3530</Item><!--Heavy Linen Bandage-->
     <Item>1251</Item><!--Wool Bandage-->
     <Item>2581</Item><!--Heavy Wool Bandage-->
     <Item>6450</Item><!--Silk Bandage-->
     <Item>6451</Item><!--Heavy Silk Bandage-->
     <Item>8544</Item><!--Mageweave Bandage-->
     <Item>8545</Item><!--Heavy Mageweave Bandage-->
     <Item>14530</Item><!--Runecloth Bandage-->
     <Item>14529</Item><!--Heavy Runecloth Bandage-->
    <Item>21991</Item><!--Netherweave Bandage-->
    <Item>34721</Item><!--Heavy Netherweave Bandage-->
    <Item>34722</Item><!--Frostweave Bandage-->
    <Item>21990</Item><!--Heavy Frostweave Bandage-->
    <!-- Poisons-->
    <!-- Deadly Poison -->
    <!--  Instant Poison  -->
    <Item>6948</Item><!-- Hearthstone  -->
    <Item>2901</Item><!--  Mining Pick  -->
    <Item>40772</Item><!--Gnomish Army Knife-->
    <Item>6256</Item><!-- Fishing Pole -->
    <Item>11137</Item><!-- Vision Dust -->
    <Item>6218</Item><!-- runed copper rod -->
    <Item>11130</Item><!-- runed golden rod  -->
    <Item>11145</Item><!-- runed truesilver rod  -->
    <Item>17031</Item><!-- Rune of Teleportation  -->
    <Item>7005</Item><!-- Skinning Knife  -->
    <Item>4304</Item><!-- thick Leather  -->
    <Item>4234</Item><!-- heavy lather  -->
    <Item>2318</Item><!-- Light Leather  -->
    <Item>2319</Item><!-- Medium Leather  -->
    <Item>4232</Item><!-- Medium Hide  -->
    <Item>4235</Item><!-- heavy Hide  -->
    <Item>783</Item><!-- light Hide  -->
    <Item>25700</Item><!--Fel Scales-->
    <Item>23793</Item><!--Heavy Knothide Leather-->
    <Item>21887</Item><!--Knothide Leather-->
    <Item>25649</Item><!--Knothide Leather Scraps-->
    <Item>33568</Item><!--Borean Leather-->
    <Item>25707</Item><!--Fel Hide-->
    <Item>38425</Item><!--Heavy Borean Leather-->
    <Item>38558</Item><!--Nerubian Chitin-->
    <Item>44128</Item><!--Arctic Fur-->
    <Item>33567</Item><!--Borean Leather Scraps-->
    <!-- small Bags  -->
    <Item>5571</Item><!-- small black pouch  -->
    <Item>4496</Item><!-- small brown pouch  -->
    <Item>828</Item><!-- small blue pouch  -->
    <Item>5572</Item><!-- small green pouch  -->
    <Item>805</Item><!-- small red pouch  -->
    <!-- Drinks  -->
    <Item>1645</Item><!-- Moonberry Juice  -->
    <Item>1205</Item><!-- Melon Juice  -->
    <Item>159</Item><!-- Refreshing Spring Water  -->
    <Item>1179</Item><!-- Ice Cold Milk  -->
    <Item>8766</Item><!-- Morning Glory Dew  -->
    <Item>1708</Item><!-- Sweet Nectar  -->
    -<!-- Cloth  -->
    <Item>4338</Item><!-- Mageweave Cloth  -->
    <Item>21877</Item><!-- Netherweave Cloth  -->
    <Item>4306</Item><!-- Silk Cloth  -->
    <Item>2589</Item><!-- Linen Cloth  -->
    <Item>2592</Item><!-- Wool Cloth  -->
    <Item>14047</Item><!-- Wool Cloth  -->
    -<!-- Healing Potions  -->
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