Scarlet Monastery

Just a note This Profile is still alpha and there can be many bugs!
Oh and its in cathedral (When ur in the instance u need to run up and open the gate)
And yet i donnu if u need to run back to the start afterwards to start the profile or if u could jsut start it from the gate

  <Name>Scarlet monastery</Name> 
  <Hotspot X="871.0475" Y="1312.956" Z="18.00612" /> 
  <Hotspot X="872.7734" Y="1381.608" Z="18.00612" /> 
  <Hotspot X="871.1052" Y="1406.526" Z="18.00612" /> 
  <Hotspot X="888.5994" Y="1399.339" Z="18.6767" /> 
  <Hotspot X="892.1909" Y="1436.325" Z="18.6767" /> 
  <Hotspot X="963.3089" Y="1437.26" Z="18.6767" /> 
  <Hotspot X="903.9678" Y="1427.389" Z="18.09014" /> 
  <Hotspot X="900.8078" Y="1398.156" Z="18.02344" /> 
  <Hotspot X="891.9564" Y="1360.31" Z="18.67781" /> 
  <Hotspot X="962.749" Y="1359.993" Z="18.67791" /> 
  <Hotspot X="962.0838" Y="1384.649" Z="18.67791" /> 
  <Hotspot X="907.7585" Y="1378.795" Z="18.00458" /> 
  <Hotspot X="987.4305" Y="1378.841" Z="24.29546" /> 
  <Hotspot X="986.3271" Y="1342.748" Z="29.14663" /> 
  <Hotspot X="1045.657" Y="1344.645" Z="29.14663" /> 
  <Hotspot X="1011.851" Y="1364.496" Z="27.3072" /> 
  <Hotspot X="1040.775" Y="1436.422" Z="27.3006" /> 
  <Hotspot X="1040.65" Y="1457.282" Z="29.14648" /> 
  <Hotspot X="984.6597" Y="1453.842" Z="29.14659" /> 
  <Hotspot X="988.7824" Y="1437.98" Z="27.29856" /> 
  <Hotspot X="1040.723" Y="1406.24" Z="27.30522" /> 
  <Hotspot X="1065.12" Y="1413.897" Z="30.76353" /> 
  <Hotspot X="1065.271" Y="1386.904" Z="30.76365" /> 
  <Hotspot X="1067.285" Y="1397" Z="30.76388" /> 
  <Hotspot X="1079.654" Y="1419.276" Z="30.30324" /> 
  <Hotspot X="1145.696" Y="1420.163" Z="31.91692" /> 
  <Hotspot X="1142.026" Y="1456.02" Z="30.30255" /> 
  <Hotspot X="1163.419" Y="1456.925" Z="31.48409" /> 
  <Hotspot X="1163.017" Y="1439.138" Z="31.33302" /> 
  <Hotspot X="1135.744" Y="1398.977" Z="30.30665" /> 
  <Hotspot X="1081.188" Y="1381.503" Z="30.30193" /> 
  <Hotspot X="1092.585" Y="1399.356" Z="30.30668" /> 
  <Hotspot X="1036.792" Y="1395.404" Z="27.30678" /> 
  <Hotspot X="988.624" Y="1370.445" Z="27.26064" /> 
  <Hotspot X="908.743" Y="1382.719" Z="18.01737" /> 
  <Hotspot X="871.7366" Y="1397.554" Z="18.00612" /> 
  <Hotspot X="870.2898" Y="1321.031" Z="18.00612" /> 
  <Hotspot X="854.3436" Y="1318.678" Z="18.67208" /> 
  <Mob Name="" Entry="" /> 
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