Sholazar Basin 77-80 [Grinding Only] [Neutral]


This is a quick profile that I put together using pieces of many of the other wonderful Sholazar Basin profiles on the forum (big thanks to jon310, syn3, and bossland's profiles, mainly). It has vendor, repair, mailbox, avoidmobs, protected items, and forcemail. Be sure to edit the xml so that it has your desired mail/vendor settings.

Basically, once I hit level 77 on my paladin, I kept running into problems with all of the other profiles where he would get stuck and/or have line of sight issues, and he was only making about 80K XP an hour in the best case scenarios. As such, I went and started from scratch with the hotspots and just made a really focused area near the Avatar of Freya. Now I'm making around 200K XP per hour, and I'm not even rested!!!

There's a shallow stream there at Freya where endless Bonescythe Ravagers spawn, and there's also a nearby open field that also has tons of them just running around. I have hotspots all over the field so he will run around and pick up multiple mobs a lot of the time (faster XP!). When he has the field cleared, I have hotspots in the stream next to Freya. You might want to just start your bot off there in the stream, though.

Warning: Mobs in the stream near Freya have a very fast respawn time and you will often be fighting as many as 3 or 4 at a time. You will *not* have time to rest or even loot the corpses (unless you have the instant loot plugin). You will have to be able to both heal yourself *and* give yourself mana. The only class I know of that can easily handle this type of non-stop action is a paladin using judgements and seals of wisdom (the class I'm using), but there are probably other classes and setups that I don't know about which can handle it as well. Just something to be aware of. Give it a try and see how it works for you.

I have a collection of blackspots which I got from a number of the other sholazar profiles on the forum. The trek back to the repair spot is pretty long, so I figure the blackspots might help protect you in case your bot wanders a bit. I also added a number of blackspots to form a virtual "fence" which helps keep the bot from going into the trees and village area near The Maker's Overlook (where I was getting stuck and having a lot of Line-of-Sight issues).

Note: Depending on your class and your gear, you may be able to start using this profile at level 75 or 76 instead of 77. I have personally used it to level two different paladins all the way from 76 to 80 (in almost all green gear), so it can definitely be done!



    <Name>Sholazar Basin 77-80 - Originally by Tombstone</Name>
        <Name>Sholazar Basin - Avatar of Freya</Name>
        <Factions>2030 14 2080 2063 834 1975</Factions>
            <Mailbox X="5563.933" Y="5759.833" Z="-75.22586" />
            <Vendor Name="Mardan Thunderhoof" Entry="28040" Type="Repair" X="5552.257" Y="5738.877" Z="-76.21719" />
            <AvoidMob Name="Risen Reaver" Entry="28242" />
            <AvoidMob Name="Stranded Thresher" Entry="28010" />
            <AvoidMob Name="Venture Co. Excavator" Entry="28123" />
            <AvoidMob Name="Venture Co. Ruffian" Entry="28124" />
            <AvoidMob Name="Shattertusk Bull" Entry="28380" />
            <AvoidMob Name="Goretalon Roc" Entry="28004" />
            <AvoidMob Name="Cultist Infiltrator" Entry="28373" />
            <AvoidMob Name="Bittertide Hydra" Entry="28003" />
            <AvoidMob Name="Perch Guardian" Entry="29013" />
            <AvoidMob Name="Primordial Drake" Entry="28378" />
            <AvoidMob Name="Lifeblood Elemental" Entry="29124" />
            <Hotspot X="5791.026" Y="3811.729" Z="-46.90226" />
            <Hotspot X="5811.891" Y="3849.511" Z="-53.08386" />
            <Hotspot X="5870.093" Y="3899.461" Z="-50.99016" />
            <Hotspot X="5782.836" Y="3946.12" Z="-72.36752" />
            <Hotspot X="5729.982" Y="3882.931" Z="-69.41795" />
            <Hotspot X="5897.077" Y="4105.457" Z="-87.4808" />
            <Hotspot X="5845.923" Y="4052.052" Z="-87.4827" />
            <Blackspot X="5856.809" Y="4135.718" Z="-99.81384" Radius="10" /> <!-- Spot down below and behind freya -->
            <Blackspot X="5909.71" Y="5313.964" Z="-95.53502" radius="50"/>
            <Blackspot X="5489.797" Y="4850.15" Z="-199.8907" radius="250"/>
            <Blackspot X="5444.331" Y="4867.535" Z="-199.8882" radius="50"/>
            <Blackspot X="5061.947" Y="4210.121" Z="-84.63118" radius="50"/>
            <Blackspot X="4939.346" Y="4295.021" Z="-84.92894" radius="50"/>
            <Blackspot X="6463.117" Y="4525.401" Z="-63.21433" radius="50"/>
            <Blackspot X="6530.873" Y="4524.286" Z="-60.25113" radius="50"/>
            <Blackspot X="6477.013" Y="4445.966" Z="-54.50793" radius="50"/>
            <Blackspot X="6427.504" Y="4385.813" Z="-48.74731" radius="50"/>
            <Blackspot X="6162.611" Y="4519.937" Z="-87.48041" radius="100"/>
            <Blackspot X="6141.274" Y="4401.776" Z="-77.15035" radius="100"/>
            <Blackspot X="5996.649" Y="4420.761" Z="-91.78616" radius="100"/>
            <Blackspot X="5977.898" Y="4496.011" Z="-89.16827" radius="50"/>
            <Blackspot X="5992.224" Y="5420.777" Z="-90.68938" radius="50"/>
            <Blackspot X="5985.616" Y="5526.888" Z="-80.27384" radius="50"/>
            <Blackspot X="5905.326" Y="5526.814" Z="-79.2933" radius="50"/>
            <Blackspot X="5960.783" Y="5319.194" Z="-99.52293" radius="50"/>
            <Blackspot X="5915.318" Y="5289.507" Z="-97.0225" radius="50"/>
            <Blackspot X="5818.686" Y="5297.806" Z="-96.47379" radius="50"/>
            <Blackspot X="5797.666" Y="3751.553" Z="-32.51917" Radius="50" />
            <Blackspot X="5907.783" Y="3845.382" Z="-30.65447" Radius="50" />
            <Blackspot X="6002.376" Y="3885.305" Z="-24.15747" Radius="50" />
            <Blackspot X="5852.698" Y="3986.475" Z="-64.38046" Radius="50" />
            <Blackspot X="5761.008" Y="4024.292" Z="-82.11544" Radius="50" />
            <Blackspot X="5809.535" Y="3879.877" Z="-55.90991" Radius="30" />
            <Blackspot X="5691.457" Y="3833.733" Z="-67.22736" Radius="100" />
            <Blackspot X="5907.902" Y="3786.344" Z="-13.4648" Radius="100" />
            <Blackspot X="5718.199" Y="3962.735" Z="-91.45435" Radius="50" />
            <Blackspot X="5979.071" Y="3951.411" Z="-46.61991" Radius="50" />
            <Blackspot X="5740.163" Y="3602.141" Z="-16.41234" Radius="250" />
            <Blackspot X="5847.624" Y="3665.468" Z="-4.572216" Radius="250" />
            <Blackspot X="5584.065" Y="3848.484" Z="-96.42792" Radius="100" />
        <!-- Instant Poison -->
        <!--Rune of Teleportation-->
        <!--Healing Potions-->
        <!--Hunter Ammo-->
        <!--Food and Drinks-->
        <!--Major Healing Potion-->
        <!--Freshly Baked Bread-->
        <!--Mutton Chop-->
        <!--Moonberry Juice-->
        <!--Morning Glory Dew-->
        <!--Lowbie Bags-->
        <!--Linen Cloth-->
        <!--Ruined Leather Scraps-->
        <!--Wool Cloth-->
        <!--Silk cloth-->
        <!--Mageweave Cloth-->
        <!--Netherweave Cloth-->
        <!--Frostweave Cloth-->
        <!--Light Leather-->
        <!--Medium Leather-->
        <!--Heavy Leather-->
        <!--Thick Leather-->
        <!--Rugged Leather-->
        <!--Knothide Leathter-->
        <!--Borean Leather-->
        <!--Wild Steelbloom-->
        <!--Khadgar's Whisker-->
        <!--Purple Lotus-->
        <!--Arthas' Tears-->
        <!--Golden Sansam-->
        <!--Mountain Silversage-->
        <!--Black Lotus-->
        <!--Mana Thistle-->
        <!--Nightmare Vine-->
        <!--Dreaming Glory-->
        <!--Flame Cap-->
        <!--Fel Lotus-->
        <!--Tiger Lily-->
        <!--Talandra's Rose-->
        <!--Adder's Tongue-->
        <!--Frost Lotus-->
        <!--Copper Vein-->
        <!--Tin Vein-->
        <!--Silver Vein-->
        <!--Gold Vein-->
        <!--Iron Deposit-->
        <!--Mithril Deposit-->
        <!--Truesilver Deposit-->
        <!--Thorium Vein-->
        <!--Adamatite Deposit-->
        <!--Fel Iron Deposit-->
        <!--Khorium Vein-->
        <!--Eternium Vein-->
        <!--Cobalt Deposit-->
        <!--Saronite Deposit-->
        <!--Titanium Vein-->
        <!--Crystallized Water-->
        <!--Felmist <Mote of Shadow> -->
        <!--Swamp Gas <Mote of Water> -->
        <!--Arcane Vortex <Mote of Mana> -->
        <!--Windy Cloud <Mote of Air>  -->
        <!--Steam Cloud <Crystalized Fire> and <Crystalized Water> -->
        <!--Cinder Cloud <Crystalized Fire> -->
        <!--Arctic Cloud <Crystalized Air> and <Crystalized Water> -->
        <!--Tiny Crimson Whelpling-->
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