This should work perfectly, if u use it to boost make sure the alt is following u.
And ofc feel free to add changes and bug fixes;D

        <Factions>17 14</Factions> 
            <Hotspot X="82.49738" Y="0.7947372" Z="-25.60623" /> 
            <Hotspot X="84.34362" Y="29.78834" Z="-26.52881" /> 
            <Hotspot X="85.14073" Y="-28.82415" Z="-26.5229" /> 
            <Hotspot X="104.7724" Y="1.727084" Z="-25.60623" /> 
            <Hotspot X="106.8703" Y="31.12217" Z="-26.5229" /> 
            <Hotspot X="106.6136" Y="-28.01328" Z="-26.5229" /> 
            <Hotspot X="169.903" Y="-0.02177161" Z="-25.60622" /> 
            <Hotspot X="127.7412" Y="-42.52451" Z="-33.93955" /> 
            <Hotspot X="156.9532" Y="-47.46812" Z="-34.85613" /> 
            <Hotspot X="96.71201" Y="-40.38477" Z="-34.85619" /> 
            <Hotspot X="124.4136" Y="-65.90469" Z="-33.93955" /> 
            <Hotspot X="152.3588" Y="-72.88856" Z="-34.855" /> 
            <Hotspot X="95.12786" Y="-57.20587" Z="-34.85604" /> 
            <Hotspot X="85.07166" Y="-142.6423" Z="-33.93955" /> 
            <Hotspot X="68.76693" Y="-87.0304" Z="-33.93954" /> 
            <Hotspot X="140.4466" Y="-125.4723" Z="-33.93956" /> 
            <Hotspot X="128.6589" Y="-57.36603" Z="-33.93957" /> 
            <Hotspot X="130.3287" Y="44.14635" Z="-33.93956" /> 
            <Hotspot X="100.2548" Y="48.68876" Z="-34.85609" /> 
            <Hotspot X="159.0992" Y="41.24284" Z="-34.85617" /> 
            <Hotspot X="135.4017" Y="65.78442" Z="-33.93956" /> 
            <Hotspot X="107.0966" Y="75.86175" Z="-34.85613" /> 
            <Hotspot X="162.4642" Y="58.40193" Z="-34.85622" /> 
            <Hotspot X="172.6975" Y="144.654" Z="-33.93955" /> 
            <Hotspot X="187.3317" Y="89.2468" Z="-33.93954" /> 
            <Hotspot X="116.5167" Y="127.5206" Z="-33.93955" /> 
            <Hotspot X="117.7034" Y="-3.657957" Z="-25.60623" /> 
            <Hotspot X="94.70261" Y="4.498221" Z="-25.60623" /> 
            <Hotspot X="62.44389" Y="-2.949364" Z="-21.44128" /> 
            <Hotspot X="49.8926" Y="3.942788" Z="-16.74012" /> 
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